Creating Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

As your ICF ACC Certified Success Coach and Corporate Trainer, we will walk the path of Creation and Completion of your goals with Open Communication and Commitment.

I take a multidimensional approach in supporting my clients. Working with individuals and teams at multiple levels of the organization, I help them prioritise and map their life trajectory. I guide them with the right skillset and an emotionally intelligent mindset to achieve success.

As an ACC ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified Life Coach, I specialize in coaching ambitious leaders and committed teams to enhance their passion, productivity and performance.  

With over 25 years of experience across reputed organisations like Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC Bank and ICICI Bank, I understand the dynamics of leadership, team management and organizational growth.  

This understanding, along with my proven Emotional Intelligence, insights and strategies make me a perfect partner in your growth story, so that together we can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. 

My journey as a Successful Professional has been possible because of one virtue – DETERMINATION.

In my career spanning 25 years, I have seen successes and overcome many hurdles. I know, what it is like – to be rewarded. And, I also know, how it feels to be underestimated, despite of giving your best.

Determination has always brought out the best in me. Being resilient through ups and downs in my professional life, I have always carried on with a smile. Eventually, it led to a successful and fulfilling career.

Today, I use my diverse experience and inherent talent to live my purpose by helping others become champions through coaching that aims to facilitate growth and unleash the potential of people. I focus on how to leverage strengths, manage blind spots, and develop realistic goals to achieve desired results.

With me, you can become the most premier version of yourself. So why hesitate? Let’s start this journey!

Let’s connect to understand your requirements and customize solutions for you.

A Life Coach positively impacts self-confidence, wellbeing, and work performance. By empowering your own thoughts you will take steps towards fulfilling your potential and achieving your goal. A skilled coach is the one who facilitates you to get the answers within, thereby making you self-reliant.

And the add-on benefits are many, some of them are;

With a Coach, you get committed expertise, insightful perspectives, and handholding to develop a growth mindset.

I was anxious and worried about my work and the job role after coming back from my maternity break. I needed guidance and help to get my thoughts cleared.  I am extremely happy with my decision to take Harshala's support. I gained clarity of thought for the choices I was making and was fairly confident to start the next phase of my career. I truly believe that she is extremely professional and has a great focus. She helped me rebuild my confidence and reach where I am today. I can call her my professional mentor who supported, motivated me and the intensive discussions were the game changer. She not only motivated me but also helped me to implement and prioritize strategies to help my personal growth. Clarity towards my goal, zeal to go and make it possible, and confidence that I can achieve my goal were the results of time spent together. Harshala is  professional and super committed. She helped me learn to cut some slack and focus on what was most important. In fact, it has helped me in setting my career development goals for future as well."

Prachi V
Deputy General Manager, Co. Indiabulls

“The training session was very comfortable. Harshala’s sessions were very engaging. The content that she covered was very insightful and relatable. The training session that I attended has helped me to understand my beliefs and helped me to modify certain beliefs that were holding me back.”

Nandita Kanda
Assistant Vice President

“I attended a workshop on ‘Belief- Explore Your Inner Potential’ as one of my friends recommended. I would describe Harshala as a very dynamic and an excellent trainer. The things that benefited me the most was where I could understand one of my belief and how it was coming in my way of taking certain decisions. The process of empowering the new belief was very helpful. Her training style is experiential. She has a great in-depth understanding of the subject, Also the real-life examples make it easy to understand the topic. I will definitely recommend attending her training sessions.”

Kaustubh Vaidya
Head of FP&A and Investor Relations, Tech Mahindra

“Harshala is very lively and enthusiastic. She worked on our need and program brief. The content was very effective and relatable. Her sessions were very engaging and interactive. The training session conducted on Emotional Intelligence was very helpful as it touch based on various aspects. The team opened up during the session and participated and ensure that everyone was involved. Overall the training was very motivating and helpful.”

Rajesh Doshi
Founder and CEO, KVAR Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“When I had taken a consultation, it was life-changing for me. I have never been the same after that. I felt a lot better. Lots of gratitude to Harshala for that. I strongly recommend her as a life coach."


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ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified Life Coach, Success Coach and Corporate Trainer, on a mission to create Emotionally Intelligent, fulfilled Leaders and Professionals

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